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About the Allegra Foundation

The Allegra Foundation through Project Waterfall and in partnership with WaterAid provides clean drinking water, good hygiene and improved sanitation to some of the poorest communities in the coffee growing regions of Africa.  We are currently supporting over 5,000 people in Mbulu district in Tanzania.

Other programmes of the Allegra Foundation include the Project Waterfall Coffee Ball, taking place on 26 Februray 2014 at the Langham Hotel London. 

Allegra Foundation Objectives:
  • To invest in sustainable clean water projects providing drinking water to marginalised communities in African coffee-growing countries
  • To bring clean daily drinking water and relevant education to more than 100,000 people.
  • To ensure that projects contribute to the long-term development of communities 
  • To maximise impact of projects and efficient use of donor funds

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