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About the Allegra Foundation

The Allegra Foundation (a registered charity) is part of the Allegra Goup who conduct research and insight into the coffee industry.

The mission of the Allegra Foundation is to provide safe water to people in coffee-growing countries.

Why Water?
  • There is a water crisis in the world, with over 748 million people without access to safe water.
  • 90% of coffee is grown in third world countries where over half the population don't have access to safe water.
  • Coffee is the second most sought commodity after crude oil, with 5 billion cups being drunk worldwide every year.
  • Unsafe water causes diseases including diarrhoea, dehydration and even death.
  • Woman and girls collect the unsafe water, walking up to three hours everyday. The girls are taken out of school and the walk can be dangerous.  
How We Raise Funds 
  • Corporate activities of Allegra Group, including donations from sales of The London Coffee Guide; tickets sales to the London Coffee Festival and sales of art from the Coffee Art Project
  • The Foundation manages UK Coffee Week, this Week unites the UK Coffee industry, including coffee roasters, independent and chain coffee shops as well as industry suppliers to raise funds and give back. 
To date, we have raised £230,000. Working with WaterAid UK this money has delivered safe water to over 10,000 people in the remote Mbulu District in Tanzania.

We are committed to:
  • Invest in sustainable clean water projects providing drinking water to marginalised communities in African coffee-growing countries
  • Ensure that projects contribute to the long-term development of communities 
  • Maximise impact of projects and efficient use of donor funds

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