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Project Waterfall

Project Waterfall in partnership with WaterAid provides clean drinking water, good hygiene and improved sanitation to some of the poorest communities in the coffee growing regions of Africa.  We are currently supporting over 8,000 people in Mbulu district in Tanzania.

Why Tanzania?

Only 54% of people currently live with access to a source of clean water

Some women and children spend over two hours a day collecting water

Almost 21,000 children under five die every year from diarrheal diseases caused as a direct result of unsafe water and poor sanitation

The Mbulu District is extremely remote and only accessible by plane and an eight hour drive. Consequently they have found installing a water system a challenge both logistically and financially. Put simply without Project Waterfall and Water Aid, it would be unlikely their 8,000 population would have clean water.

The story so far

To date we have raised £180,291 to deliver Waterfall Project giving over 5,000 people in the Mongo wa mono village clean, safe drinking water.

We have laid 5km of pipeline, constructed 4 water points and protected the water source with fences to prevent cattle damaging the works and polluting the water with their dung.

Improving the access to adequate and clean water within a walking distance of 1,000 meters has resulted in these women and children saving more than 50% of their time fetching clean water.

Furthermore, by installing a new pump at the local school we have given 114 students access to clean water. The head prefect explains in his own words how the pump has changed their daily lives:

"We used to wake up at 4.00am every day to fetch water for our school before this water point came, but now we are happy that there is water within the school compound. We can now bathe and clean our clothes every day."
Click here to see photos from the projects in action so far.

We have worked closely with the Mbulu District Council and the Diocese of Mbulu Development Department to ensure our work is sustainable. Consequently, the communities now benefitting from the new water system are working closely together to maintain and protect its long term future. 

 Please help us deliver clean drinking water to the people of Mongo wa mono by making a donation TODAY.



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